G. S. Manufacturing

Company Description
Over the past few decades, the role of a laundry cart has greatly expanded. No longer just shelving on wheels, carts have become the work-horses of the modern laundry. Higher volumes and the need for efficiency and safety demand a cart that will stand up to heavy use and off-site transport, while still addressing increasingly stringent infection control and ergonomics requirements. The GSM anodized aluminum carts address all of these issues. At half the weight of traditional steel carts, GSM carts are light and easy to handle. Our all-welded construction, using specially designed structural extrusion components, has produced carts of exceptional strength and resilience. Completely cart-washable, the anodized finish will not rust, chip or peel. Over the past 30 years, our engineers have developed and refined two basic cart styles: the open style carts and the enclosed style carts. Both are clean and attractive and fit well in any professional setting. It is of utmost importance to us that the GSM cart we supply fits your system. Before we build your cart, we will review cart specifications, features, and options with you. Computer-aided design and our dynamically flexible production department allows us to manipulate cart configuration and dimensions to best suit your operation. At GSM we stock material, not finished product, so all of our carts are made to order. This gives our clients complete control in determining how their carts will look and operate. GSM will provide your long-term investment the attention it deserves.


  • Bulk Transport Carts
  • Cart Covers, Liners, Inserts, Replacement Liners
  • Shelf Carts, Turnabout / Convertible Carts
  • Wire Carts, Hanger Carts

Equipment / Supplies

  • Baskets, Bins and Carts