Xplor Spot

Company Description

Since 1991 the Xplor Spot team has been an innovator and leader in the Dry Cleaning and
Laundry industry. Our staff of dedicated, experienced, and passionate people are here for you, the customer. We provide the most powerful system to help your team navigate day-to-day and long-term operational needs of your dry cleaning business. The Spot team has created a proven, integrated system deploying the latest technologies, allowing you and your staff to be more efficient and customer focused. We help dry cleaning and laundry owners succeed by giving them the SaaS, embedded payments, and Commerce Accelerating Technologies they need to thrive.


Equipment / Supplies

  • Heat-Seal Machines, Supplies


  • Assembly Systems
  • Automated Telephone Systems
  • Bar-Code Equipment, Systems
  • Computer Systems, Software
  • Identification Systems
  • Marketing Systems
  • Piece-Counting Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Systems
  • Tagging Systems